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Gundam FAQ Questions

1) What is a Gundam model kit?

A Gundam model kit, often referred to as a Gunpla (short for "Gundam plastic model"), is a scale model kit that represents the robots and vehicles from the Mobile Suit Gundam anime series and its spin-offs. They come in various scales and levels of complexity, from simple snap-together models to intricate kits that require advanced modeling techniques.

2) Which are the most popular scales for Gundam kits?

The most common scales for Gunpla are:

There are also super-deformed (SD) versions, which are more stylized and don't follow a specific scale.

3) What is the difference between High Grade (HG), Master Grade (MG), and Perfect Grade (PG) models?

  • High Grade (HG): These are generally 1/144 scale and offer a balance between detail and ease of assembly. They're great for beginners.

  • Master Grade (MG): Typically 1/100 scale, these kits have more parts and details, offering a more intricate building experience. They often feature an inner frame and more articulation.

  • Perfect Grade (PG): At 1/60 scale, these are the most detailed and complex kits. They come with a high price tag, but offer an unmatched level of detail and articulation.

4) Are there any new trendy Gundam series or model lines I should be aware of?

While the Gundam franchise constantly evolves with new series and model lines, it's essential to keep an eye out for announcements from Bandai or visit dedicated Gundam forums or websites to stay updated with the latest trends.

5) How long does it take to build a Gundam model?

The time it takes to build a model depends on its complexity and your experience. An HG kit might take a few hours, while a PG kit could take upwards of 20 hours or more. This doesn't account for painting or detailing.

6) Do I need to paint my Gundam model kit?

No, Gundam kits come molded in color. However, many modelers choose to paint them to achieve a more detailed or customized look. Painting can range from simple panel lining to full airbrushing.

7) What tools do I need to start building?

At the minimum, you'll need:

  • Plastic nippers (to remove parts from the runners)
  • Hobby knife (to clean up nubs and edges)
  • Sandpaper or sanding sticks (for smoother finishes)

Optional tools include:

  • Panel lining markers or washes
  • Topcoat sprays (matte or glossy)
  • Paints and brushes (or airbrushing equipment)

8) Are there any trendy customizations or modifications in the Gunpla community?

Customizations are always evolving, but some trends include kit-bashing (combining parts from different kits), diorama building, LED integrations, and using third-party detail-up parts.

9) Can I mix parts from different Gundam kits?

Yes! One of the joys of Gunpla building is kit-bashing. Many kits, especially those within the same scale, have compatible parts, allowing for unique customizations.

10) How do I take care of my finished Gundam model?

  • Keep them out of direct sunlight to prevent color fading.
  • Dust them periodically using a soft brush or compressed air.
  • If articulated, handle joints carefully to avoid stressing or breaking them.

11) Where can I share or view other people's custom Gunpla creations?

There are many online communities, forums, and social media groups dedicated to sharing Gunpla builds. Popular platforms include Reddit's r/Gunpla, various Facebook groups, and Instagram hashtags like #gunpla and #gunplabuilders.