Exploring Vancouver's Gundam Stores

Introduction to Gundam and its Popularity

Gundam (AKA Gunpla), originally a Japanese media franchise, has been capturing the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide since the 1970s. Remember those intricate robot model kits? Those are Gundams! With TV series, movies, manga, and an array of model kits, it's no wonder they've grown in popularity over the years. But where does Vancouver fit into this giant Gundam puzzle?

Popular Gundam Models in Vancouver

  • RX-78-2 Gundam: The iconic original mobile suit that started it all, representing the essence of the Gundam franchise.

  • Zeta Gundam: Known for its sleek design and transformation abilities, a favorite among enthusiasts.

  • Unicorn Gundam: Majestic and unique with its color-shifting psycho-frame, epitomizing modern Gundam design.

  • Gundam Wing: An astral-themed model famous for its angelic wings and powerful weaponry.

  • Barbatos: A versatile and customizable mobile suit from the Iron-Blooded Orphans series, celebrated for its raw, mechanical design.

Looking to delve deeper into the Gundam universe? Explore these popular models and more at P-Rex Hobby.

Best Gundam store in VancouverTypes of Gundam Model Kits You Can Find In Vancouver

At P-Rex Hobby, Gundam enthusiasts are in for a treat with a diverse array of model kits to choose from:

  • Master Grade (MG) Kits: Tailored for experienced builders, Gunpla MG kits offer intricate details and are often larger in scale.

  • Perfect Grade (PG) Kits: The pinnacle of Gundam modeling, Gunpla PG kits are the most detailed and come with intricate inner mechanisms.

  • Real Grade (RG) Kits: Combining the detail of MG kits in the size of HG, Gunpla RG offers a complex build in a compact size.

  • High Grade (HG) Kits: Ideal for beginners or those looking for a swift build, Gunpla HG kits are simpler but don't skimp on the details.

  • Mega Gundam:Β At 1/48 scale, these models tower over standard figures, making them the perfect centerpiece for any collection.

  • Meta Gundam:Β A "Metal Gundam" typically refers to a series of high-quality, collectible figures in the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise that are made using die-cast metal parts. These figures are often marketed under various lines, with the most prominent being the Metal Build series by Bandai.

With such a vast selection, P-Rex Hobby ensures that every Gundam aficionado, whether a novice or a seasoned pro, finds the perfect kit to fuel their passion. Dive into their curated Gundam universe and find your next masterpiece.Β 

What to Expect from P-Rex Hobby

  • Latest Gunpla In Stock
    We promise you will find the latest Gunpla(in stock) in Canada by click this link: Latest Gunpla In Stock.
  • Latest Gunpla Pre-Order
    We promise you will find the latest Gunpla(pre-order) In CanadaΒ by click this link: Latest Gunpla Pre-Order.
  • Wide Range of Models
    From the classic RX-78-2 to the sleek Unicorn, expect to find a variety of models catering to all skill levels.

  • Workshops and Tutorials
    Want to level up your building skills? Some stores offer workshops to hone your techniques. Feel free to check our Gundam 101 blog as well.

  • Rare and Exclusive Gundam Models
    Fancy owning a limited-edition Gundam? Some of these stores stock rare gems that'll make any collector's heart flutter.

  • NEW ADDED FEATURES - The Gunpla User Manual
    Β Now, builders, whether novices or experts, can easily access and find the Gundam instruction manual for their specific model, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable building experience.

Gundam Store near vancouver BC

    Tips How to Shop Gundam Model Kit in Vancouver

    • Price Comparison
      While shopping, don't you sometimes wish you had a "compare price" button like online? Well, comparing prices in different stores might save you a few bucks.

    • Ask for Recommendations
      Unsure which model to start with? The store staff are often Gundam enthusiasts themselves and can give you sound advice.

    • Join Local Gundam Communities
      Engage with fellow Gundam fans! They often have the best recommendations and might even give you insider tips on upcoming releases.

    Where to Find P-Rex Hobby?

    If you're in Vancouver and have a penchant for Gundam or Gunpla, P-Rex Hobby is your ultimate destination. Located conveniently within the city, this store promises an unmatched selection of Gundam models and collectibles. The best part? You don't even have to wait to explore their impressive inventory. Just hop onto P-Rex HobbyΒ from the comfort of your home. Dive deep into the Gundam universe without leaving Vancouver, and let P-Rex Hobby be your guide to this fascinating world. Whether a beginner or a seasoned collector, P-Rex has something special waiting just for you!

    Our Addresses are as follows:Β 

    • 8700 McKim Way unit 1193, Richmond, BC V6X 2H8


    Vancouver is undeniably a hotspot for Gundam enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting, the city offers a plethora of options to satiate your Gundam cravings. So, next time you're in town, why not dive into the mesmerizing world of Gundam?


    1. What is Gundam?
      Gundam is a popular Japanese media franchise known for its robot model kits, TV series, and films.

    2. Where can I buy Gundam models in Vancouver?
      Gundam Hobby, Ages Three and Up, and Metropolis Comics and Toys are among the top stores.

    3. Are there Gundam models suitable for beginners?
      Yes! Most stores offer a range of models suitable for all skill levels.

    4. Can I find limited-edition Gundam models in Vancouver stores?
      Yes, some stores stock rare and exclusive models.

    5. Are there local communities for Gundam enthusiasts in Vancouver?
      Absolutely! Joining local Gundam communities can provide valuable insights and recommendations.