1. In Stock

This stock status means we have stock of the item here in our main warehouse. Current ordering trends indicate we have enough stock to accommodate new orders.

2. In Stock Up To 10 Days

This stock status means the item is listed as in stock by one of our suppliers that gives us live stock data. This allows us to provide a wider range of products that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to offer due to physical space restrictions. It usually takes up to 10 business days for these items to arrive in our warehouse after your order. 

You can cancel your "In Stock Up To 10 Days" order at any time before shipping.

3. Pre-Order

Ordering a product before it is available for sale. Customers can typically reserve or purchase these items in advance of their official release date.

We will provide a cut-off date when it is the last day we can secure your order.

We will provide an estimated date of arrival in the detail table on the product page whenever feasible. Please note, however, that this date is for reference purposes only and cannot be guaranteed, as it is subject to potential changes due to factors outside our control.

Please note that we have no control over when a pre-ordered item arrives, but instead offer estimates. This is due to the designers' production schedules and sometimes an item may arrive several weeks before or after.

You can cancel your Pre-Order at any time before shipping.

4. Pre-Order Closed

The stock status "Pre-Order Closed" means we have taken all the orders we think we will be able to fill for these items, but there is still a chance we may be able to secure more stock, so we have temporarily stopped accepting new orders until we can confirm that. If we can get more stock, orders will be reopened. So you can click on "Notify me when in Stock". If we cannot get more stock, the item will go to "Out of Stock" status.

 5. Out of Stock

The "Out of Stock" stock status means we do not have any stock, and currently cannot get any more stock of the item from our suppliers , so are not accepting orders for the item. But you can still click on "Notify me when in Stock".

6. Discontinued

The stock status "Discontinued" means we do not have any stock, and currently cannot get any more stock of the item from our suppliers or the manufacturer, so are not accepting orders for the item. It is typically because manufacturer has not plan to release it again.