Welcome to P-Rex, a haven for anime enthusiasts and hobby lovers! Located in the lively city of Vancouver, Canada, we are your destination for all things anime. Our journey began as a venture by a group of hobbyists aiming to create a place for our children and the local community to delve into their interests. Over time, aside from continually refining online store which serves both Canada and the United States, we have expanded our physical presence in the Greater Vancouver area. For more details, please visit: https://www.prexhobby.com/pages/contact-us.

We are authrized Hobby store by Bandai and you find us in Bandai hobby store Locator:  https://satellite.bandai-hobby.net/store/.

What Makes Us Stand Out? 

Our mission is to turn your wildest anime dreams into reality. Whether you’re a die-hard Naruto ninja, Gundam hobbyist, a magical girl fanatic, or JoJo’s bizarre adventure maniac…it doesn’t matter; we’ve got the perfect merchandise waiting for you.

  • Extensive Hobby Merchandise Selection Discover thousands of unique items from both Japanese and American anime series, all available in one place. We keep our inventory constantly stocked with new and even rare anime goods.
  • Unbeatable authenticity - Every item in our store is checked by experts for its quality and accuracy to make sure your anime experience is 100% authentic.  We are authrized Hobby store by Bandai 
  • Community of Anime and Hobby fans - We're more than a store; we're a hub for Anime enthusiasts. Dive into 1000+ series on our platform and share your passion. Also, connect with fans on our Discord Server with 100+ anime channels.

P-Rex Hobby Story

My son was the beginning of everything. Amidst the Covid pandemic, and due to all the imposed curfews and restrictions, he has been unable to attend school for an extended period. Engaging with anime and related hobby toys brings him comfort and joy.

However, finding authentic hobby products of his favorite anime online proved to be a challenge. This difficulty led me to think, "Why not launch an online store that lists authentic items by anime series, making it simpler for fans to discover related products and connect with each other?"

And that's how the idea of P-Rex Hobby Store started to take shape. We have organized most of our products into 1000+ anime series on our Anime Series List PageMoreover, we also create our Discord Server with 100+ anime channels, a place where like-minded fans can connect and engage.